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    The world needs a new generation of business leaders. People with the courage to seek different paths to success. Disruptive thinkers who don't just adapt to. eSADe MBA? Your success is our tradition. You need an international business school with more than five decades of success and a tradition of achievement. Get all the information about the ESADE Executive MBA - EMBA: Monthly Programme.

    It is, so to speak, the soul of the MBA. Scrutinising the different core courses that make up an MBA programme will help us understand why the degree is among the most coveted among business professionals. MBA programmes typically consist of core courses and elective courses. The core courses are designed to equip students with fundamental business knowledge and skills essential for success in today's business landscape. The elective courses, on the other hand, allow participants to tailor their programme to suit their individual needs. MBA programmes are diverse and offer a wide selection of courses in different academic areas. However, there is a set of core courses that is largely the same for most MBA programmes. Accounting courses are designed to help MBA students understand how financial accounting and reporting are used in business for decision-making. What are the functions, limitations and challenges of financial accounting? What constitute financial accounting reporting practices?

    The emphasis varies depending on the business school. It focuses on understanding the multi-dimensional facets and key processes underlying human behaviour, how they affect key organisational outcomes and how knowledge of these can maximise one's leadership effectiveness. Data analytics MBA participants should be able to analyse data to make business decisions.

    How exactly do participants learn to analyse data?

    Different business schools use different methods. At MIT Sloan US , for example, the Data, Models and Decisions course aims to familiarise students with the basic tools for using data to make informed management decisions.

    The course covers introductory probability, decision analysis, basic statistics, regression, simulation, linear and nonlinear optimisation, and discrete optimisation, with examples drawn from marketing, finance, operations management, and other management functions.

    Strategy This course basically helps students develop the skills for formulating strategy and how to sustain a competitive advantage. The Strategic Management field attempts to explain why and how some firms outperform others in the marketplace, developing competitive advantage and sustaining it over time.

    Students can learn why some companies are consistently more successful than others and why some companies get left behind when their environment changes, while others thrive. Programme participants often step into the shoes of senior managers and executives and devise strategies to boost performance and growth at their companies in the face of intense competition and uncertainty.

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    The entrepreneurial courses are very useful because they examine how individuals convert knowledge, aspiration, and insight into action. They are designed to give a solid foundation to enable business professionals to apply marketing concepts and prepare and evaluate marketing plans.

    To become good marketers MBA participants need to master a wide range of key skills. The ability to analyse markets and plan strategies requires knowledge of behavioural sciences, the social context, and the competition. MBA students learn how to use marketing tools to carry out a firm's strategy in its target markets. They also become familiar with concepts such as segmentation, branding, pricing, distribution, and promotion. Negotiation The ability to negotiate is at the heart of a good business deal.

    What is the most memorable case interview that you have First, I started doing a lot of mockup case interviews whenever possible ever given?

    ESADE Business School Full Time MBA Scholarships , Spain - ARMACAD

    At that time many people were preparing for their intern interviews and I was having a mockup interview with one of the highest GMAT scores in our class. Hence, I thought that he would probably blast me away with his quant skills and easily solve the case.

    However, I was surprised that this was not the case. Of course calculations of any sort were not a problem to him, so I tried to have a case that included quantitative and qualitative parts.

    Even so I could see that he had a clear structure in his head and that he could easily go into depth, he was lacking some of the breadth that was needed to solve this case.

    In that moment I realized that being smart is not all that is needed to make it into Consulting, but you need to have a broader skill set. Just being an expert in one dimension does not suffice. My interview partner was of course smart enough to identify his weaknesses as well, worked on them constantly and also developed further during his time at ESADE and is today also a successful Consultant.

    As I always try to analyze and understand things as a closed system, I also tried the same for case interviews. This framework helped me thinking about a problem more exhaustively by connecting the dots. Kind of being the storyline I could use for every problem, at least that was the intention.

    What is the source of inspiration for your cases? The sources of inspiration for me are a mix of cases I have seen in other case books, the interviews I were given to myself, experiences I got from my daily work life and personal interests about topics that I am interested in discussing. If within cases a certain questions comes into my mind, I sometimes also pick up on that to start an interesting discussion. Definitely, a case includes most of the things that are also needed for the day-to-day life of a consultant.

    When analyzing a topic, we need to go to the utmost depth as we try to identify the underlying problem, not just the symptoms. Both taking together, we need to identify What is the best thing about being a consultant?

    What is the the insights needed. You also see how a person is acting under pressure worst? In addition, you also need to think quick sometimes when in a direct client situation, which is The best thing is the intellectual challenge that you are facing over and over also tested in a case interview. Also the open working culture and exchange As you need to prepare for all sorts of topics, you also broaden and specify at BCG is one of the best things of my job.

    I enjoy having open discussions your skill set which is definitely needed to succeed in Consulting. I like my job, so there is not a lot that I dislike. The worst part of being a consultant for me is hence being limited in your stock trading activities. What about How did you prepare for your case interview when you interviewed with BCG?

    I basically did a lot of interviews with my peers. I used to exercise my math skills in some classes under the influence of some disturbing voices. Amazing learning curve at the beginning.

    ESADE Business School

    High profile projects. Ever So the combination of the personal interview and the case should give me changing topics to work on. Being away from home for most of the week. Previous experience — case related examples.

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