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Taking cues from works by Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, and Matisse, pastry chef Caitlin Freeman, Modern Art Desserts by Caitlin Freeman download the Ebook. slices and French pastries, now the modern pastry kitchen finds itself Dessert Techniques is one of a series of Culinary Arts books developed to support the. Access eBook Modern Art Desserts: Recipes For Cakes, Cookies, Confections, And Frozen Treats Based On Iconic Worksof Art By.

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Modern Art Desserts Pdf

Modern Art Desserts: Recipes for Cakes, Cookies, Confections, and Frozen Treats Based on Iconic Works of Art [Caitlin Freeman] on *FREE*. Visit our partners in coffee (and cake!) Blue Bottle Coffee. [PDF] Download Modern Art Desserts: Recipes for Cakes Cookies Confections and Frozen Treats Based on Iconic Works of Art Ebook | READ ONLINE.

Heidi Glenn. Freeman started out wanting to be an art photographer. But one day, while still in art school, she came across Display Cakes , artist Wayne Thiebaud's painting of frosted confections, during a visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The image was so arresting, it stayed with her for years, and later inspired her to set off on a completely different career path: Over the past several years, Freeman has made a name for herself by crafting desserts inspired by the great works of modern art on display at SFMOMA. She sells these edible art bites at the Blue Bottle Coffee bar, the cafe she and her husband, Blue Bottle founder James Freeman, operate inside the museum. The project started as a cake-with-your-coffee concept. Appropriately enough, one of the first modern art sweets she put on the menu was an homage to Thiebaud. These days, she has a full menu of desserts — and some savory items, too — that gets updated as often as new art exhibits rotate through the museum.

Next, I grabbed a piece of wood and a few nails from home and brought them to the tiny kitchen. We experimented with making holes in the cookies and hanging them from the wood, creating what I like to call The Hobo Wall Of Terror.

Now that we felt confident that it was possible to hang cookies on a wall, we crunched the numbers and got started making cookies. Our mixer can handle enough dough to make about 60 cookies, so we would be making 9 or 10 batches. As you can tell from her paintings and art cakes , Leah is incredibly skilled at creating and combining colors so she tinted her cookies confidently, but I still have so much to learn.

I tinted small amounts of dough at a time, scared I would ruin an entire batch. We rolled and cut the dough. We punched holes in each one we discovered that old-fashioned paper straws worked best. Decrease the speed to medium and, with the mixer running, add the butter one piece at a time. The mixture wont resemble perfect buttercream until the last of the butter has been added.

If its looking deflated, wet, or broken during mixing, make sure the butter is at room temperature and slow down the additions, adding the next piece only after the last one has been fully incorporated.

PDF Modern Art Desserts Recipes for Cakes Cookies Confections and Frozen Treats Based on Ebook

Add the vanilla and beat on medium speed until well combined, about 1 minute, until the texture is similar to mayonnaise. Va r i at i o n s For the Thiebaud Pink Cake page 45 substitute Strawberry Concentrate page 46 for the vanilla extract, adding it slowly with the mixer running. Wo rki n g with B ut te rc re a m In order to make the most beautifully deco- until it begins to look slightly glossy but not at rated cake, your buttercream must be perfectly all melted; it should still be solid, with a sheen smooth and spreadable.

Whether youre using from a softened exteriornot unlike ice cream a just-made batch or one that has been made on a cone as it begins melting and dripping onto ahead and refrigerated, to get it to the opti- your hand. Its very easy to overheat and melt mal consistency for decorating, its necessary to buttercream, so its better to warm only a cou- warm and rewhip it. Heres how.

Beat the warmed buttercream in Place about 2 cups When I put the cookies in the paint, the colors really popped, so we were satisfied. I drilled, I broke the drillbit, she drilled, nailed, and painted, and I tried not to break anything else.

Modern Art Desserts

The day of the party arrived and Leah baked the hundreds of cookies in our little oven referred to affectionately by guests as our Easy-Bake Oven. Excitement was running high! Here are some photos taken at the event at Anthropologie. The cookies were dyed in custom colors to match the book.

Everyone was invited to take a cookie and a photo! He and Pablo Lopez Luz, another artist featured in the Photography in Mexico exhibition, were in town for the opening celebration, and we were delighted to invite him up to try our finalized just in time for the opening!

We learned earlier on that it is best to get a sense of an upcoming show ahead of time, to talk to curators as they are planning the exhibition, to get inside scoops from the museum install crew, to make the most successful rendition of a dessert based on an artwork.

Often, extra time was needed to get the approval of the artist, or to work out serving details, or to order ribbon…from Canada. But none of this mattered when I discovered one Wednesday night in April that Mary Heilmann was giving a lecture downstairs at the Wattis Theatre the following night. I could go on about how her work got me through grad school, but best to cut to the part about cake.

I thought about just going to the lecture, sitting on the edge of my seat and on her every word, but it would be a dream come true to meet her in person. And if I met her in person, I would have to make her a dessert.

Modern Art Desserts by Caitlin Freeman | Books

For moments like this. And this , and this , and even this. I had to carefully plan the following day, already packed with regular production, meetings and whatever else comes up in a day, in order to make something for Mary with the time and resources available. Maybe all this sounds a bit crazy-making.

Or maybe, it sounds a bit like art-making. In the time between a tech run-through and her lecture, Gina brought Mary Heilmann up to the rooftop for a cake and ice cream remix of her Fire and Ice Remix.

While the dessert might not have been perfect, it was eaten and now is gone. Which thankfully, is not the case with the painting that inspired it. One week after her lecture, I received this sweet note in my inbox from Mary herself! Even her emails turned to art. For months, we had been thinking about building a striped frozen mousse using a cone shaped mold, but we had to be practical about time and freezer space.

Sometimes the artwork would tell us what it needed to be and this time it begged us to be an ice cream cone. Our true work would lie then on creating a custom cone wrapper and eventually, on the warm days, non stop ice cream scooping.

Turns out some extra math was required, as we needed the stripes to match up just right. Where we would often find ourselves toiling away in the kitchen testing recipes, trying to get flavors and textures just right, this time we brought out the paint box to engineer a custom sleeve so we could transform what was once was a brown sugar waffle cone into… a Cragg cone!

Charlie Villyard.

'Modern Art Desserts': How To Bake A Mondrian In Your Oven

Charlie Villyard , member of the installation crew and talented photographer, would come up every few months and document all of the goodies we had been making. And one of our very favorite shots he ever took was this one of our Tony Cragg ice cream cone. Here he is, doing whatever needs to be done to get the shot right.

But quickly, before the ice cream melts! He had saved his cone wrapper, collaged it onto a photograph he took of the Tony Cragg piece and put it in a frame. Sometimes a sculpture inspires an ice cream cone. Sometimes an ice cream cone inspires a collage.

Today we celebrate National Ice Cream Day with a couple of art-inspired ice cream sandwiches! In the proclamation, President Reagan who also had an affinity for jelly beans! Photo by Clay McLachlan.

We considered a mondrian-style cake that reveals a colorful Mark Grotjahn burst. Photo by Todd Selby. Over the years, we created a few more art-inspired ice cream-focused treats, which can all be found with inspirational stories and recipes in the Modern Art Desserts book.